4th Annual Howl-O’ween Bash

Halloween is just a few days away, and while I’m not a big fan of the holiday, my wife and son are. In fact, just last night – Friday – my

Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wife hosted a little Halloween party for our son and a few of his friends. A house full of adults and a group of 8 to 10 year old children running wild, with pizza, mummy dogs (hotdogs wrapped & baked in crescent rolls), candy, colas, chips, dips, decorations, costumes, etc. It is what I have dubbed as our son’s “Annual Howl-O’ween Bash.” Unfortunately, I was at work and couldn’t enjoy in the chaos, but I hear everyone had a blast.

The weekend will now consist of a chili lunch with the wife’s family today, a trip to Lebanon, TN for another gathering with more family. And, of course, that will culminate in the big event itself, Halloween this coming Wednesday. I have taken the liberty of requesting Halloween off to go Trick ‘r Treating with The Boy. My wife, for the first several years, took him out because I was usually working. Having missed those years, I’ve decided to not miss any more if I can help it, so on days such as this one I try to schedule ahead and take off work. We go around the neighborhood together as a family, let him and usually a friend or two gather their goodies, and then I’ll return home to hand out our own treats while they may move on to another neighborhood if it’s still early enough.

But, like I said, I’m not much on Halloween or the Fall Festivities. Thanksgiving, I can get behind that. A meal strewn out over a well decorated table. Pies, cakes, candies, meats, vegetables, family. MmmmmmMmmmm! And, of course, my number one holiday, Christmas is just around the corner, too. I LOVE Christmas. Yeah, the stores may get carried away as far as merchandising goes, but if you let that get to you, then YOU are the one missing out on the point of the holiday, not the retailer. That’s their job, not something to cast rants and lunatic ramblings over. So Thanksgiving is my stepping stone to Christmas and I am anxiously awaiting both.


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