Aspiring Photographer

My wife has been asked several times by family and a few friends to snap some pictures for them. She’s happily done so, feeling flattered that they would even consider her. She has a slightly higher-end point and shoot camera I bought her a few years ago as a birthday gift. It takes really nice photos and I’ve actually been impressed with the quality of the camera. I think, back then and brand new, it cost around $389 – to date being the most expensive camera I’ve ever put money down on.

Recently, having done several different photo “sessions,” my dear wife has now decided that she would like to try and do a little more professional work on the side. She’s snapped photos of a cousin’s wedding – the results of which turned out better than their paid photographer. She took pictures of our son for his 8th birthday, which turned out pretty good, too. Most recently she was asked to take some photos of another cousin’s newborn. She took over 156 pictures, and they wanted them all because they declared each one to be perfect.

My wife has a good eye – two of ’em, in fact, and I’m proud to see her getting excited about something like this. She’s also been practicing on editing her photos on my MacBook Pro, and with the included iPhoto she has been completely amazed at what she can do. I told her the professional programs would probably blow her mind!

Which brings me to this blog post. She has asked for some equipment to try and do a little something with this as a little more than a hobby. A nicer camera, her own computer to edit them on, and some quality software. I’m pretty sure of the camera, as I’ve already done a little research on those. While I want to get her a nice camera, I don’t want to spend a large sum of cash on something she is only going to end up doing once every few months. Ya know? Not that I don’t have faith in her, but time and demand are going to be factors starting off. If she does well and grows her hobby/business, then perhaps we can step up even higher.

Second and most important to me, since I love the tech aspect, is what computer is going to be best for her digital photos editing needs. Everywhere I look says a Mac … which I love, of course. But the same scenario rules apply. Am I going to spend in excess of $1000 on a laptop or desktop (probably a laptop for the mobility factor) just for something she may not grow any larger than our family and friends? Windows is a headache and PC’s in general seem to get low ratings in the forums I’ve glanced in and articles I’ve read today from amateur and professional photographers alike.

And software. These professional programs are in excess of $100. In this venue, I’m not even sure where to begin. Period.

Luckily, I have a friend that does this on the weekends. Professionally. For money. For real. So, tonight I plan on going to work and setting aside some time to pick his brain. He’s more of a sports photographer, hitting the soccer fields, filming and doing jobs for weddings, large birthdays, etc. I’m thankful to have a close, personal resource such as his to learn from.

And as for my wife, I hope this is something she can get into and enjoy. She needs a good hobby that she can grow and learn from.

Now, if I could just find a nice hobby to keep me occupied besides video games.


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