The Dark Knight Rises

I was able to finally watch The Dark Knight Rises last weekend. Christopher Nolan’s final installment in his Dark Knight trilogy showcasing how he envisions The Batman and Gotham City. While I consider myself a fan of Nolan’s world, I have to admit that The Dark Knight Rises was – in my completely humble opinion – a convoluted mess of an ending. Too much story was compressed into a bit of a jumbled mess in this final chapter. I really felt no deep investment like I probably should have in the characters, even though each main character was well played by the actor/actress. Michael Caine was the stand-out performer, better than any of the others in his role of Alfred Pennyworth.

The Dark Knight Rises

I gotta say, I liked Batman Begins. I absolutely loved The Dark Knight, flaws and all – and no, not because of Heath Ledger as the Joker, though he did make the film in his portrayal of the maniac. But The Dark Knight Rises was a bit of a bore. The final ending, when the music is rising and we see how each of our main cast concludes the film – Blake, Wayne, Pennyworth, etc, was probably the most emotional and beautifully done.

I’m sorry to see Nolan finished with this version of the Batman universe, but glad we were able to take the journey and see the characters grow into their places in Gotham. But, I just wish we could have had a less clustered ending. I’ll be buying the blu-ray version for my collection, and who knows, maybe a second viewing will change my opinion.


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