Worst Decision I’ve Made In Awhile

Last night, while looking around on the internet for some deals on PC/Mac games, I stumbled across something. This something may


just be the biggest mistake I’ve ever made by purchasing it. This something just happens to be Sid Meier’s Civilization V for the Mac. Purchased through Steam for the little price of $7.49, Civ 5 is a digital form of crack. I downloaded around midnight last night right before going to bed. I woke up this morning and started playing and have – so far – put in a massive 9 hours of game time. That’s crazy in my hectic lifestyle. In fact, it’s already surpassed WoW in continuous time claimed from a day.

This purchase was probably a bad idea.

Right now, my current campaign has me playing as Lord George Washington and the United States. We’ve just founded organized religion and have stirred up a bit of a hotbed amongst our other leaders. I’ve taken over the Persians and claimed a large portion of land from Germany. I think things are about to get ugly, though.

This is my first Civ game, so to me, it is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever played. The equivalent in my experience is Age of Empires from Microsoft, which I equally love on the RTS front. And speaking of RTS … I finally picked up the full version of Starcraft 2 from Blizzard for their “sale” price of $20. Playing through the campaign on that up until this morning. Not sure when I’ll get back to it, now.


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