A Little Christmas Day Prep-work

There are rumblings across these mighty interwebz, friends and neighbors. Rumblings about the Nintendo Wii U. Specifically, rumblings about the out-of-the-box Wii U updates. I’ve heard reports of up to 2 hours or more for updates to download upon first boot of the Wii U. Of course, this is for folks who are connecting their Wii U to a home network for internet access to the various features such as the Wii U’s Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos and apps of the such. There’s also the Nintendo Wii U digital store that will allow you to download indie games and full version Nintendo games. That would be our house.

Nederlands: Het Wii-U Logo

Discussing it with the wife, and deciding that we don’t want to spend Christmas Day on updating the system, we agreed on a plan of action. She took our son to a birthday party today and I opened up his Wii U, connected it to our television and began the updating process. Over all, the complete set-up, update download and individual app updates (Netflix and Youtube only) took a total of 1 hour and 25 minutes. This didn’t even include any game updates that may be required once you insert a disc into the unit, so there’s that possibility as well. But until then, and unless there are other updates between now and Christmas Day, the Wii U will be ready for play. I even managed to pack it back into the box so that it looks 99% like what it did when I opened it!

So, parents be warned. If you are planning on connecting the Wii U to your home network to take advantage of those extra features, you’ve got a good 1 1/2 to 2 hours ahead of you – depending on your connection speed and size of update by the time your gift is presented.


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