The Actual Nintendo Wii U (After Christmas Edition)


Christmas Day morning is here! Santa left a shiny new Nintendo Wii U under the Christmas tree, just like we expected he would, right? 😉 Now, for those that have read my blog before, I’ll ask you to remember that I made another post (here) about how I was going to get a jump on the crowds and update the system several weeks before to be ready for Christmas morning.

How’d that work out?

Why, I’m glad you asked! The opening, updating and repacking of the system went great! This morning, there the box was, all crisp and new and waiting to be ripped open (carefully). I took it to my son’s room, set it up, turned it on, and oh – why look! There’s the little avatar I created – Mii, I mean, we wouldn’t want to get too mainstream with Nintendo by calling it an avatar. I click on it and …. wait for it … wait for it …

It asks for a password to connect to the Nintendo network … What? Password? I type in all my usual passwords, each one rejected, kicked out and stepped on like a bug. I try them alternating where capital letters should be. Nothing. Rejected.

I create a new Mii, thinking I’ll skip any password phase – nope, that’s not going to work either.

Nintendo! <shakes fist angrily>

I figure if they’re asking for a password, maybe THEY know what it is since I do not recall ever entering one. I send a “forgot email” request from the Gamepad. Instantly it comes through. I type it in and … INCORRECT PASSWORD. The temporary password Nintendo sent me to reset my incorrect, unknown password is incorrect?!

NINTENDO!! <shakes both fists angrily>

To spare you the number of curse words that were used over the next 45 MINUTES of trying to get this imaginary password to work, I’ll fast forward. Finally, FINALLY, after several other attempts, one of the temporary passwords Nintendo sent worked.

Miracles do happen! I even think I heard a few bells ringing in praise of the angels that helped on this one.

I quickly went into the settings and tried to change the password to one we would know. That was met with three more errors. Then I think it finally took, I’m still not sure. I also checked the box that asks if you want to require a password when you log in. NO! THANKS, WE’RE GOOD!!

But wait … we still haven’t even put a game in this sucker yet!

“Son, we’re ready. Pop that Mario Bros. U game in.”

Update to the game! Yay! Update is 90% complete, then there is a server miscommunication and it fails. Ok, let’s try it again. Same thing, except this time it doesn’t even make it half way to the update. Third time, it fails again and just asks if we want to play without the update.

I don’t know … I’m scared … It’s been almost an hour and a half. THANK GOD I INSTALLED THE SYSTEM UPDATES EARLIER THIS MONTH!!!!!

But in the end, our boy is sitting in his bedroom floor playing Super Mario Bros. U on his Nintendo Wii U. And if I ever buy another Nintendo product, it’ll be too soon and I’ll have obviously lost my mind.

Screw you Nintendo.

Merry Christmas to everyone else.


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