My First Homeowner’s Insurance Claim!

The weather has been crazy, to put it mildly. So far this past month we have had thunderstorms turn into heavy snowfall. Ice and snow cover the ground at night due to freezing temperatures, only to be melted away by noon the next day because of record highs for the month. Throw into that mix the fact that we had a scary round of tornados last week, and it’s end-of-the-world type signs in my book! The tornados left the biggest impact, though (no pun intended). Although there was no official recorded tornado (by official, it has to actually touch down from my understanding), our neighborhood had trees ripped up by the roots and laid over in yards. One house behind us had their huge tree ripped out of the ground, split in two and send in two different directions. There was also some roof damage to a few houses – ours included. It also picked up our son’s trampoline – a large monster with the netting enclosure, flipped it upside down and flung it across the yard, snapping rails and bending legs. If this wasn’t a tornado, I’d sure like to know what the heck it was!

So our roof was damaged. Shingles ripped off and sent hurdling off into some unknown yard. Our neighbor across the street brought his roofing guy over first thing the next morning and we were suddenly filing our first homeowners insurance claim. I’m a bit leary of how this is going to go. First, we’ve got the roofing guys whipping out contracts and wanting us to sign on the dotted lines, talking about making checks payable to me and then and such. Then you’ve got the insurance adjustor who isn’t even from around here. He was called in from Texas because our local offices needed extra help with all the damage claims coming in from around the state.

I’m in over my head. Never had anything like this to deal with before, even at the ripe age of late-thirty-something. Plus, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, “What about the out of pocket costs? Insurance deductibles. Will my rates skyrocket? That’ll mean my house payment is going to go up, too. Ahhhhhhhh!

So, I’m a little stressed right now. Especially since today is THE DAY. Insurance adjustor is finally coming over to check out our roof and the roofing guys are lined up outside waiting to talk to him. Somehow I get the feeling that I’m the one out of all three parties, that will get the shaft in all of this. Hopefully that’s just the nerves talking.


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