Kicked in the Teeth

February 2013 has been a nightmare. Not saying it couldn’t get worse – cause God knows it can always get worse, but February has made a profession of kicking me in the teeth. Repeatedly. Hard. With steel-toed boots on. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, it’s been a pretty crappy month. Things are starting to (and I’ll probably regret even saying this) look up and a little brighter.

Aside from minor storm damage, dealing with insurance adjusters, roofing contractors, this crazy weather, flat tires, car maintenance, unexpected bills, etc. Not to mention, because of all the previous items, just down and out depressed all around, ya know? I’ve had little time for anything else, be it playing a relaxing game, watching television or a movie with my family, or anything just to unwind. In fact, up until yesterday, I hadn’t had much free time at all.

Then things start to look a little brighter. The sun shown a beam down through the clouds and rainfall. Hopefully it wasn’t just a tease.

Then again, I guess I am being a little too dreary about how the month has been treating me. I have accomplished a few little things. Nothing earth shattering, but a few little things here and there. For example, I finally – after three months – finished Stephen King’s The Drawing of the Three, the second book in The Dark Tower series of books. Good story. I tried to read it many years ago as a much younger fellow, but I couldn’t get through the first chapter. Picking it back up and decided to read all the way through the series, though, I’ve been finding more enjoyment within the pages.

I also “dinged” level 90 on my Draenei hunter, Shavelle. The toon is my main character in the World of Warcraft MMO and the last two levels seemed like they would take forever. F o r e v e r. I was so proud of the achievement, I posted a screen cap on my Facebook page so all my nonWoW friends and family could just stare at it and think about what a loser I am 🙂 In fact, I’ll share with you, too.


So, I finished a book, leveled a character to max level, am experiencing a tiny bit of a turn around in my luck. Oh, and I picked up season 2 of HBO’s A Game of Thrones blu ray boxed set. There again, though, February tried to ruin my fun by not including the slip that has the codes for the digital download version of the episodes. My package wasn’t the only one to have this issue, but finding information about it online is near impossible. Seems to be only packages from a particular distribution center and not focused on any particular retailer. Customers from Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc (online and brick n’ mortar) have all experienced the same problem. But I won’t let that little bit drag me away from the good things. Not now, now with this godforsaken month nearly over with 🙂

I have also been keeping up with the second half of season 3 for The Walking Dead. Good episodes this season, will discuss more about them later.

How’s your February been going?


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