Audio, Aaaaaaudio, Testing, Testing

I have been listening to an old podcaster I use to follow. He recently started up a new podcast/audio blog that involves him  just talking to his audio recorder during the commute to and/or from work. I find that fascinating. Don’t know why, but I do. An audio blog of one guy, alone, talking about whatever comes to his mind. I may have to look into that. In fact, I already am! I am no audio expert, have never created anything other than a cd I’ve burned – for perfectly legal backup purposes, of course – and any results would probably be disastrous. But I may just give the idea of a little audio blog a try. I mean, heck, you’ve got all kinds of crazy folks on Youtube broadcasting their faces to the world, why not add one more voice to the mix?

So, I reinstalled Garageband, pulled out my headset and wrote up a little script of some things I wanted to say. I may post this soon, or I may hide it away for no one to ever discover. Either way, it’s something I’d like to tinker with just for the heck of it. I don’t like hearing myself talk, but the whole thing just strikes a chord with me. 🙂


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