Tragedy Strikes!

I woke up Tuesday with the idea that I was going to get in and clean our little pool for the weekend coming up. I got out of bed, found a pair of shorts to hop in the pool with and grabbed my cellphone incase anyone called while I was outside. The shorts I grabbed are reversible. One side is black with a white stripe down either leg and the other side is white with black stripes, etc. etc. The white side also has pockets whereas the black side doesn’t.  So I slip my phone into the pocket of the white side out of my shorts and go get my cleaning supplies. Hopping in the pool, I clean that sucker like nobody’s business, man. I’m scrubbing, the pump is pumping, the filter is filtering, the chemicals are chemicaling … it’s all good!

I get out, toss the wet clothing in our sunroom onto the floor and grab a shower. When I’m finished and dressed, I’m sitting down to eat a bite of lunch when I realize I hadn’t heard from my mom this particular morning. I go to grab my phone … and it’s not there.

Yeah, you know where this is going, don’t you?

So, my phone spent a good 20-30 minutes submerged in our pool in my shorts pocket. It wasn’t just dead, it was D E A D.  I tried the suggested methods of drying it out, but it’s just a nice expensive paperweight now. Luckily I still had the Motorola Android phone I’d bought off a guy at work for $50. I had my number switched over to it after purchasing a $35 SIM card from Best Buy. And, might I say, while Android may be customizable and all that jazz, I’m not too thrilled with my “new” phone. The battery drains faster than I can charge it and I miss all my apps I had on the iPhone.

So, let’s chalk this one up to good old stupidity and call it a lessoned learned. 😦

RIP iPhone 4S, you are already missed …


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