Man of Steel!

While my wife is away at a New Kids on the Block / 98-degrees / Boyz 2 Men concert, my son and I decided we were going to catch a show ourselves. We grabbed a bite at 5 Guys Burgers & Fries then headed to the local Malco to check out Man of Steel – you know, that new Superman movie.

Loved it. It wasn’t perfect, so don’t go getting all defensive, but it was a fun Summer movie and a heck of a way to kick off a reboot of the series. I got the overall impression that the filmmakers were like,

Okay, everyone knows who the heck Superman is, so let’s just go in there and make a movie. We’ll highlight what’s different in our universe and they can fill in the blanks with what they already know over 75 years of the character’s life so we can tell our story.”

And you know what? I’m fine with that. It isn’t – as I said – the perfect movie, but it is one that was needed to revitalize the franchise for a new generation and bring everyone up to speed. And it is a quick, panel-by-panel comic book movie. It doesn’t halt to dwell on anything to deep and meaningful because, honestly, Superman Returns did that and people – for the most part – hated it. What Man of Steel does do is deliver on action with some story peppered in to give us what we need to know in this new world of Superman. We can sort the rest out in a sequel, which is already said to be on the fast track to production.

Man of Steel – good movie, fast pacing, I’d see it again!

My son, however, compared it to Green Lantern. Let me first say that my son absolutely hated, HATED Green Lantern, so take that with this next bit and draw out just how badly he cut me. I asked how he liked it, compared to Green Lantern and he replied,

“I liked it just a tiny bit more then the Green Lantern movie.”



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