The Lone Ranger (2013)

I drug my wife and son to see The Lone Ranger Sunday. Drug them kicking and screaming, might I add. I wanted to see the latest incarnation of the masked man and his Native American sidekick. At this point, I was a little worried because of the stacks of negative reviews coming from critics. Let me quickly say, “Don’t listen to them!” News groups are calling it a huge failure, a giant disappointment for Johnny Depp. A Poor debut for Armie Hammer.

Get a life, folks!

This is a fantastic Summer movie. There are a couple of points where a few scenes are drawn out longer than they need be, but overall the entire film is a great, fun romp into the reimagining of the John Reid aka The Lone Ranger. I do have a few gripes, but they do not really ruin the movie. I won’t even point them out because they really don’t matter enough to me to bring them up. The only thing that drew me out of the movie was a couple of scenes cut in throughout the movie involving an old Tonto who is telling the story to a young boy. If these scenes had been cut out of the movie, nothing would have been lost. I’m really not even sure why they are there.

This isn’t your classic Ranger, though. Here, we’re given a bit of a bumbling character coming into the idea of being a “hero.” Depp’s Tonto does take a more central focus and he may be the comic relief through most of the movie. When you find out his backstory, though, it’s kind of sad and touching and does make sense as to why he acts the way he does. Hammer comes into his own by the end, fitting into the new dark clothes and mask just fine. And Silver … “Something very wrong with that horse.”

But don’t believe the negative media, folks. The Lone Ranger is great. And for a PG-13 rated movie, there were only 2 mild curse words, which is amazing for a PG-13 movie these days. There is peril and violence in the movie and I heard one person comment that they wouldn’t take a child under 10 because of it. Our 9 year old son loved it. Let me repeat, our 9 year old son who didn’t care much for Man of Steel, who hated Green Lantern (yeah, I know, who didn’t?) and who doesn’t care to sit and watch any of the Batman movies … he loved The Lone Ranger.

And if this next line doesn’t sell it, then I’m wasting my breath:

My wife loved it.

There you go, that’s all you need to know! If she liked a movie I wanted to see, then that’s the greatest compliment I can give the film.

Go see The Lone Ranger, help bump it up a little more and give Disney some $$ so they won’t think it’s a complete failure due to the negative critics out there who needs to shut their mouth! 🙂



One thought on “The Lone Ranger (2013)

  1. I absolutely loved this movie. It’s so fun and Depp is actually amazing as Tonto, not too cheesy, not to dead pan, really fun to watch. The right amount of serious, slap stick, chase scenes, but when the Lone Ranger theme starts playing in the final minutes of the film, everyone in my theater, which was PACKED, cheered a little, chuckled and clapped a littel. They even sat through all the credits. Really a feel good ending. AGAIN, DO NOT BELIEVE THE CRITICS AND DO NOT TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY. It’s a fun summer film. Not for under 13 though, there is a reason he’s the “LONE” Ranger. The bad guy is really, REALLY bad too. Makes for a good mix. Listen, if you liked the premise of the Princess Bride where the adult reads the story to the youth, you’ll love the Lone Ranger, I promise.

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