We Want DRM! We Want DRM!

A petition has come to the internet’s attention this week. A petition against Microsoft’s Xbox One console coming out later this year. The same console that suffered a major backlash that was so bad, the company actually reversed their decision to include strict DRM-specific features. Tidbits such as having to check in once every 24 hours just to be allowed to play your games “offline,” restrictions on playing and loaning out games to friends. You were even going to be able to sell your own used digital games via an online market place.


Image representing Xbox as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase


All of these “future-proof” features came to a halt when the PS4 and Sony announced that they supported none of this. Microsoft hit the floor and bled all over their beautiful Xbox One with that single punch. They were able to recover and came forward to announce that they decided he world wasn’t ready for such futuristic features. They would take all of this DRM-love out of their machine, but at a cost to soon-to-be owners.


This week, however, a new petition (mentioned above) has hit the ‘net. People are demanding Microsoft bring back those original policies and features. Rumor has it that a huge throng of future PS4 fanboys/girls are behind the petition, attempting to push Microsoft into changing their stance once again. Why would they do this? To punish those Xbox One fanboys who would then be stuck with the stricter DRM-hugging features of the giant black box. I’m not sure how much pull this will have, but I personally think it would be hilarious if Microsoft actually listened – again – to this new cry from the “masses.”


Personally, I think all they have to do is wait. If Microsoft and Xbox can simply say, “Hey, we’re not going to do this anymore,” then they can surely sell the crap out of consoles at launch, wait a few months and then tell their fans, “You know what, this isn’t working properly. We’re going to have to switch all these features back on or else your boxes will explode.”


Dramatic, I know, but this isn’t exactly professional journalism here, folks. As for me, I’ll just hang on to my Xbox 360 and look forward to my future PS4.


Good day.



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