Discovered & Ratted Out By My Son

My Twitter, WordPress and podcasting “life” is one I don’t share with many of my in-person friends and family. I’m not even sure if my wife knows I have a WordPress account, though I’ve shown her my blog before. She knows I post/read on Twitter. And she certainly has no idea about the podcasting. Recently, though, I’ve started experimenting with Youtube, as well as the other stuff I dabble my amateur fingers in. Last week I posted my first, brief video to the sharing service and, while it wasn’t great, I was proud of it. For a shy guy like me, posting a video out there for the world to see and for jerks to possibly comment on, it was a big thing.

I never mentioned it to anyone but one friend, who checked it out and let me know his opinion. And then today, my son found it. You see, my son and I are subscribed to a couple of channels we like to watch together. There’s Paul Sores Jr. who does a lot of Minecraft videos. There is Venturialtale, a group of siblings who post GMod videos that my son finds absolutely hilarious. The KWings, who we catch gameplay videos from for the Wii and WiiU. And then we each have a few other channels we each subscribe to.

The past few weeks, we’ve been watching the Youtube videos on the Apple TV. Today, we were wanting to catch the back episodes of Survive & Thrive, one of Paul Sores Jr.’s video casts about the Minecraft basics. To get straight to where we had left off last time, I went to my account page in the Apple TV app so we wouldn’t have to sort through the poor searching feature. Well, when I got up to go to work, I left it on that page.

I hadn’t been at work long when my phone began to vibrate. I got a text message from my wife. The brief conversation went something like this:

Wife Text:

(A picture of the television screen with my video on it.)

“Your son found you on Youtube. LOL, Dork.”

Me Text:

“Haha, y’all some nosey people, I swear!”

Wife Text:

He’s the one who came running into the living room saying, “Did you know Daddy is on Youtube?!” LOL

He thought it was cool. NERDS! He is now in there making videos with his camera.

So, my son thinks I’m cool because I’m on Youtube (with one whole video), and he wants to be like his Dad and the “cool” folks from Venturiantale and Paulsoresjr on Youtube and make videos. I’m proud of him, no matter how much his mom wants to call us dorks and nerds 🙂  Us dorks and nerds have to stick together, darn it!


2 thoughts on “Discovered & Ratted Out By My Son

  1. Heh, just be glad he’s still in the “cool” stage, then right when puberty hits and it suddenly goes from “cool” to “lame” 🙂

  2. We are planning a “Let’s Play” video this weekend. The subject will be Minecraft. No tutorials, just us playing and talking about things. He thinks it’ll be a hit 🙂

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