Operation New Life 2013: 2 Week Weigh-in #1

It’s almost 2 whole weeks since I started my Operation New Life 2013 plan. What have I done, how’s it going and what have been the results, so far?

1) I’ve cut back on my food dramatically. I installed the LoseIt! app on my crappy Android phone and have been using it to keep track of my calorie intake over the past 2 weeks. It says to lose 2 pounds per week I should be eating 2,625 calories per day. With this app, you select your food for each meal and it calculates the calories, subtracts them from your daily total and keeps record of what you have left, how much you go over and your weekly budget as a whole. It will also factor in exercises and can be linked to other apps to track calories burned on, say, a pedometer if you’re walking/running.

This is great and all, but 2,625 calories per day still seems like an awful lot to me. In fact, with the plan I chose to go with – which has worked for several folks I know to help kick start their plans and help them transition into more active and involved actions later, you aren’t going to be eating that much. To alter the apps suggestions, I’m actually eating a little less than what it has in mind. Slightly below 2,000 calories is where I’ve been hitting, and I haven’t been going hungry. On the alternate day fasting plan, I eat sensible regular meals one day, fast the next (eating only a small snack or, say, a sandwich.) I stay full, don’t go hungry, so I’ve been successful with this part.

2) I’ve eliminated fast food and 90% of my soda intake. I still drink colas on occasion, but nothing like before. Tonight at work, for example, we went in and had pizza. I drank a soda with a couple of slices of Little Caesar’s Hot-n-Ready Pepperoni Pizza. That was pretty much my day. I’m full, didn’t get hungry at any point during the day. I did have a banana and a cereal bar for breakfast, in case you think I may be skipping the first meal of the day. I always have a piece of fruit and usually a yogurt or cereal bar with a glass of milk.

As far as fast food goes, I have been eating at home the majority of the time, and have taken my lunch once or twice to work. When I eat at home, I normally spend my lunch break at night sitting in my car reading or messing around with the iPad.

And water. Lord have mercy, I’ve drank so much water that I can tell you the brand I’m drinking without looking because I can now taste the difference. Never thought that was possible, but evidently water does have a taste and each brand is different then the other.

3) Exercise! Even I can exercise once in awhile. This week I started walking after work. As soon as I clock out and head out the door, I pass my car and walk about 4 laps around our building, which is about a mile in distance. In the mornings, when I wake up, I usually do a few exercises before I even get ready for the day. Nothing outrageous or super intense, but enough to get my blood pumping for the day.

So what has all of this got me? I stepped on the scale today for my first official weigh-in, and the results were:

Starting weight: 342 pounds.

1st Weight-in: 329 pounds

Total weight lost this period: 13 pounds

Total weight lost overall: 13 pounds

I suppose that might freak some folks out that I’ve lost that much in 2 weeks, but at the same time, I know most folks say the first – what is it – 10-15 pounds? That is mostly “water weight” that you’re shedding? So I don’t expect these same results every week, that would be crazy, but I’ve also heard the bigger you are the faster you lose the first few pounds, so that could be possible to. I’m just excited and happy that I’ve actually been able to accomplish this much and hope I have the will power to continue on and be successful. I understand being healthy isn’t a guaranteed method of living longer, but I certainly want to give it a try for my families sake as well as my own. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Operation New Life 2013: 2 Week Weigh-in #1

  1. This is because 1200 calories will generally provide an adequate nutritional intake for most individuals, yet still allows the reduction of calories to the level that most dieters require in order to lose weight.

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