Winter Collector

* This has no real format, it was simply born this way.  Neither a poem nor story, this is how ideas flow through my little brain. *

In the cold of winter

In the darkest of nights

He lurks in the distance

Just out of sight

His breath doesn’t fog

His eyes do not blink

Not a track in the snow

Does he feet ever make

He glides through the chill

Like a gust of the wind

He watches and waits

Knowing he will win

There’s nothing you can do

No matter how brave

He’ll come for you in time

Your soul will he seek

An ancient creature

Not animal not man

No longer physical

Not bound to this land

He bides his time

Knowing the victims he’ll take

In the middle of their dreaming

They’ll feel his bated breath

And they’ll shiver just a bit

His lips will whisper

And their lives he’ll claim

Cart them away

Feed on them ’til sate

Then a long rest he will take

Until the next cold will he wait.


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