Operation New Life 2013: 2 Week Weigh-in #2 (Late)

You probably thought I’d forgotten about this – or else gained all my weight back and failed miserably at my attempt to carry out this challenge. Well, I didn’t! While I failed to post on this blog about my 2nd weigh-in, I did make a quick comment on Twitter about my progress last week. To make it quick: I lost 4 additional pounds to the first 13 I reported. To be fair, though, that 13 was technically over a 3 week period of major cut backs in calories and drinks. As I said, I don’t expect those results each time.

Since the weigh-in, I seem to be holding steady around 325 mark. I understand this, too, because I’ve (1) been drinking sodas again, which is a no-no, and (2) haven’t been able to walk after work because I’ve been getting off so late and needed to get home. So, it’s kind of a “fell off the wagon” set back, I suppose, but one that can easily be handled.



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