I have been feeling as if I’m neglecting my gaming sessions. There was a time when I would do nothing but sit around and play video games in my free time. Or in the early morning hours while everyone else was asleep, I’d be pounding the buttons of a controller. Lately, though, I haven’t been playing as much. I’ve been using the Xbox 360, which I received last Christmas, to introduce my son to new games (which are old to me, but that I enjoyed.) There haven’t really been any brand new game purchases made yet. My son and I agreed that we wouldn’t buy any new games until the PS4 comes out. Then we’ll focus on that for awhile and just enjoy that next gen feel.

But back to what I was saying. I feel as if I’m neglecting my games. This feeling hit me the other day at work when one question popped into my head. Is it because you just don’t enjoy gaming anymore? No, I think I enjoy gaming just as much now as I did in my younger days – I just don’t have the time to focus on them like I used to. In fact, most of my gaming sessions (except for those on the laptop) are spent playing games with my son. That limits a few of the games I’d like to be playing – not that I’m complaining, I love playing games with him, but we can’t exactly boot up Grand Theft Auto V and go play around in the sandbox.

I guess what bothers me most about this is that I wonder if I’m maybe forcing myself to game. I know I say that I still love to game, but do I really love it as much as I used to. Or, am I maybe just gaming for the sake of gaming because it’s what I am familiar with. Am I gaming out of nostalgia, or a sense of obligation. Since I own this console, and since I spent money on these games, and since I used to like to play them, I must do so now to make it all conform to what was.

I am hoping that, with the release of the PS4 and the new games that will be released, it will spark a new fire in me. Maybe I need to quit living in the past, buying these older games, and start jumping into the here and now. Grand Theft Auto V, Bioshock Infinite and the like are just calling my name. I  need to pick these up and settle down at night by myself and rediscover why I used to love this medium of entertainment so much.


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