We Don’t Die, We Multiply!

I’ve let the yard work go for a few weeks now, and it’s starting to look like a jungle out there. I’ll get it wrapped up this weekend, though. I’ve also been working a lot of overtime at work, or at least trying to since we’ve been incredibly slow for this time of year. Schools have been on Fall Break this past week, so we’ve been enjoying no school work and just chilling out around the house, too. Oh, and we’ve been visiting the doctor a lot the past few weeks. Why? Because, we found out a month ago that my wife is pregnant.


That’s right, we’re finally expecting another child. Our son is 9 and the only child, to-date. We were expecting about 5 years ago, but it just didn’t seem meant to be because my wife miscarried shortly into the pregnancy. Now, though, here we are! She is being treated as a high risk pregnancy because of the issues last time and is undergoing many tests to check for any issues that could arise. There will be one more ultrasound before Christmas, and at that one we will hopefully be told if it’s a boy or girl.

Everyone is happy, to put it mildly, especially our boy, who has always wanted a sibling. So, here’s to the future, friends. Hope you all have a great weekend.


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