Humble Bundle: Focus Home Interactive

I picked up this Humble Bundle Weekly Sale deal Friday before going to work. I do believe it is the first Humble Bundle I’ve ever invested in, and I’m still amazed that they practically give these deals away. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the whole point is to support charity and the developers, but still, it’s freakin’ awesome.

This week’s particular bundle included:

1395954_604570946252880_477893912_nAs great as all of these games are, the one that really caught my attention was CitiesXL Platinum. I’ve heard many great things about this city simulation game since EA’s latest SimCity game out with forced online play. Since downloading and playing with it, in what short time I have had, it has already tainted the EA outing of the SimCity franchise. CitiesXL makes EA’s attempt at a Sim game look pathetic and extremely dated. I feel sorry for them. Sorry, I say.

I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other games later on this week, especially RAW and Divinity 2. One thing is for sure, though, I’m going to have to start keeping my eye on these Humble Bundle’s more closely.


One thought on “Humble Bundle: Focus Home Interactive

  1. I love Humble Bundle, I’ve got quite a few deals from them, and happy to do it as it support charity… yeah, you can get them for dirt cheap, but like I said, I like to throw in a few extra bucks if I can to go to the groups.

    They also do various other bundles as well, I got an ebook and comedy bundle recently from them as well 🙂

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