Reviews Read, Youtube Videos Watched

I have been discussing, on and off all year just about, that I think it’s time to upgrade our old tablet. By old, of course, I mean our 3 year old iPad. It seems like we’ve had the iPad much longer then 3 years, but sure enough, I looked it up just to be certain. The first generation iPad was released on April 3, 2010. Amazing how far we’ve come since then! Now, the thick, “clunky” workings of that old relic seem like ancient memory. And so I’m ready to move on!

For my birthday this year, back in February, my wife bought me the iPad Mini. It was a fine 7″ tablet to read ebooks on and lay in bed with to watch a movie. But, as much as I’d thought the idea of a 7″ tablet was amazing, I was a bit let down. It really was ideal for reading ebooks, but aside from that, I just didn’t find myself using it for much else. Another reason for this was the fact that once you start throwing games, streaming services, ebooks, etc on there, Apple’s little 16GB of memory quickly starts to deplete. Not to mention the iOS itself and the updates take up a portion of that space, too.

English: Apple iPad Event

So, we have an iPad (G1) that was becoming very slow in it’s old technological age, and was no longer supporting updates from Apple after iOS 5. We have an iPad Mini (G1) that is nice, but not living up to my expectations for the price. I decided it was time to upgrade to a new full-sized tablet – full-sized, in this case, meaning 9″ and up. I have since been reading reviews, plucking the brain of my friend who is into the gadget and tech world more than I am, and watching Youtube videos. Thank God for Youtube, where you can find just about anything being discussed!

Toward the end, I started to narrow my choices down to three tablets. Over the past month, I weeded it down to two. And finally, over this weekend, I’ve made my decision. Which tablet will be my next “big thing?” Well, you’ll have to wait and see. I’m hoping to be able to get out and pick it up this week at some point, time and schedule permitting, but if not, I’ll definitely have it in my chubby little fingers next weekend.

And I’m glad the search is over. There’s actually a lot of nice choices out on the market in the tablet field, ranging greatly in price and features. In the end, it’s “to each his own,” but with this kind of competition, I don’t think anyone is really a loser in the game of what to buy.


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