PS4 Launch Day

Less than an hour and a half ago, Sony launched their first salvo into the next generation of video game consoles. The PlayStation 4 is lose in the wild and ready to kick some butt. I’m excited to receive mine sometime later this afternoon. Hopefully. It all depends on this little brown truck that’s currently holding my package hostage. I have to give it to Amazon, though, they really kept me guessing as to whether or not I’d actually be receiving mine on launch day or not. It just left their Chattanooga facility today around 2:34PM via UPS and last I checked, it was already in Murfreesboro, a neighboring town, waiting to find its way home.

One Facebook friend already has his, thanks to a midnight release at Gamestop, and last I looked he was about to start downloading the Day One Patch. While I’d love to take the day off work, someone else already has it scheduled off. So, best I can hope for is to at least get it hooked up and the patch going before work today. Then it’s couch potato weekend for me, folks. I’ll see you on the other side of what could be a great weekend.

Happy gaming!


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