My PS4 Story – Wait, You’ll Want To Read This One

Logo of the PlayStation Network

After having waited all day for the UPS man to arrive with a certain little package, I finally had to head to work. I made my wife promise to hang out around the house until it arrived, and she reluctantly agreed. But then, as I was backing out of the drive to leave, that big old brown truck pulled up and blocked me in. My hero had arrived!

I quickly rushed my package in, unboxed the PS4 in all it’s sleek glory and then stared at it sadly as I still had to go to work. 8 hours later, I returned home and immediately connected it to the television and prepared to install the Day One Update. Brick! No image, no sound, nothing. Only a faint hum of the hard drive or fans buzzing around in there and a pulsing blue light of pain and heart break. I immediately hit the internet to see what was wrong. Seems there’s some faulty hardware here that Sony evidently knew about. Maybe they learned too much from Microsoft – mainly about shipping defective equipment. Either way, I tried all the quick fixes already popping up online and still nothing.

Finally, pissed and ready to stomp on the confounded thing, I hit I talked to a friendly enough lady named Myra, and she pushed me a return sticker and told me that – supposedly – I would be issued a full refund once they received the merchandise. That’s fine and dandy on that end. On this end, however, until the refund is decided upon/comes, I’m still out that cash, not to mention I bought 2 $60 games for my son and I to play Saturday as well as a 1 year subscription card to the PS+ service.

!#@$%$#^@$#^#$@^ @#$%#$^$#%#$@#$%$#

Pardon my vulgarity.

So there you have it folks. You live your life being wary of these things, always waiting and not wanting to be one of those early adopters. Then one day you step up and say, “I’ll have one of those!” and bam, right in the !#$%, you get one of the defective units.

I’ve learned my lesson. No more Day One BS for me. If I can come out of this with a refund on the console, maybe I can at least resell the games. If I’m stuck with the membership card, so be it, maybe I’ll pick up a Vita or a trusty old PS3 in a few months to cover that expense. In the mean time, I’ll just go lie in the bed and cry myself to sleep.

!#@$% you, Sony.


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