Disappointments and Delights

PlayStation 4 Controller

After the PS4 disaster that happened in my living room Saturday morning, I was relieved to hear that I wasn’t the only one having these issues. That didn’t really ease my feelings of contempt for trying to support Sony and their next generation game console. So as soon as the family was up and dressed and ready to head out, I grabbed my nicely packaged, damaged PS4 and we headed out to Staples to return the product to Amazon. After dropping off our package of $450 junk, we headed to Gamestop to see what we could do about the 2 PS4 games and 1 year of PS+ that I purchased yesterday for close to $200 after taxes.

Our local Gamestop is great. My wife and son – I believe I’ve commented on this before – are treated like close friends in there, and they’ve even started to recognize me as “Noah’s Dad,” when I go in. The manager took care of us and let us return all the product. My wife turned around and put the money back on a few games for our son for Christmas as well as a preorder for Mario 3D for the Wii U that comes out this Friday. We breathed a sigh of relief for no money lost and headed back to our day out.

About 6 minutes after leaving Gamestop, my wife’s phone started ringing. Strange number we’d never seen before. The manager of Gamestop was calling to let us know that he had just gotten a phone call from one of their pre-order customers that said they weren’t going to purchase their PS4. He immediately called us and asked if we’d like it. I quickly ran a few points through my mind.

1) Amazon is suppose to be issuing me a full refund for the package I’d just returned to them.

2) We had just traded/exchanged the PS4 titles and 1 year PS+ membership on other items.

What was I to do?

I busted a U, yo, and drove back to the store. Bought the PS4, Killzone: Shadowfall and PS+ membership. Since this wasn’t a bundle, just the console, I also had to sacrifice a game to pick up a spare controller for my son. I also did a quick Google search on “Gamestop PS4 Complaints.” Turns out the majority of complaints were coming from Amazon customers, so I felt a little more comfortable about taking it home to open it up.

Came home, plugged in system, updated system, entered all the necessary codes to claim credits and memberships, and BAM! Works like a professional gaming console, my friends. It’s ashamed, though, that my first impressions of the PS4 will be of defective hardware and the trouble associated with it.

Congratulations if you purchased a new PS4 on launch day. Congratulations if it worked out of the box. If you experienced problems, I feel your pain, brothers and sisters. Here’s to hoping everything else runs smoothly for the life of this console.


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