Netgear Wi-fi Booster (WN1000RP)

Our house isn’t huge, but because of where our wi-fi setup is located, we have a weak spot at the opposite end of our house. This, of course, is where our gaming consoles are located and our bedrooms, where our son uses his iPad and I use my Surface 2. We have issues here, especially when trying to stream any media like Netflix or Youtube. Stuttering, freezing, fuzzy screens and download issues with the game consoles. I had decided that the only cure would be to call Comcast and move our entire wi-fi setup moved to the middle of the house. They’d have to come run a new wire into the center room or our house, which is a spare bedroom that will soon become the baby’s room. My wife wasn’t thrilled with having a cable modem, wi-fi router and cables installed in this room, so that option was quickly becoming null and void before it even got started.

I’d been researching wi-fi extenders/boosters as a second option. These have extremely mixed reviews. People either have horrific stories of them not working, or happy stories of everything being perfect. I was steering away from this for awhile. Last night while shopping in Target, however, I saw the Netgear Wi-fi Booster, model WN1000RP, sitting on the shelf, staring at me. I figured, what the heck, I’ll give it a try before calling Comcast out and forever scarring our future child’s room with electronic gear.

I popped the sucker open, read the mini instruction manual, plugged the little device into a wall socket, then immediately WN1000RP_3-4Rt2_440x293_3Jul13looked up Youtube videos on suggested setup procedures. EpicReviewsTech on Youtube offered a handy little video that got me hooked up and running in about 5 minutes. I chose to use the exact same network ID and password so that our devices would view it as one single network. I went to check and make sure everything looked good, had 3 steady green lights, and began testing my devices in the weak zones of our house. They work perfectly!

Signal strength runs either full “bars” or around the 60-75% range depending on the device. Tablets work best, it seems, but the gaming consoles, PS4 and 360, have the 60-75% signal strength, but they’re also enclosed in an armoire style entertainment center. Not sure if that has anything to do with it, but it works itself out in my mind, so we’re good.

I have no complaints – so far – with the Netgear Wi-fi Booster, and while it may be too early to say, I haven’t had to reset or reboot the little plug device yet (which was an issue I had read, having to constantly reboot/resync the booster.)


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