2014 New Years Resolutions

If you occasionally read my blog, you know I despise New Years Resolutions. This dislike is generated by the fact that we all know 99% of them are broken within hours, if not days of the new year. But, like everyone, each year comes around and I have ideas on how I’d like to improve my life over the course of the next 12 months. So, this year, I decided to get as elaborate as I could and draw out a fine-tuned contract of New Years Resolutions for 2014. I’ve taken the liberty of dividing them up into three different categories: Home Life, Work, Online/Gaming. This may seem like an odd selection of categories, but it’s the three core groups that fill my day-to-day life.

Home Life Resolutions

  • 1. Take better care of myself by cutting calories and exercising daily.
  • 2. Focus more free time on family activities instead of each going off on their own all the time.
  • 3. During out class sessions, become more involved in my son’s homeschool studies to better engage his learning.
  • 4. Stay on top of household chores, make sure everyone picks up after themselves.
  • 5. Don’t stay cooped up at home all the time (even if I want to.) Get out with the wife and go places.

Work Resolutions

  • 1. Stay away from the gossip machines at work. Reduce the amount of negativity generated by me and hopefully those around me.
  • 2. Suck up that over time. Don’t let anyone get in my way and certainly don’t sacrifice it just because I’m lazy and want to get home to watch tv/play a game.
  • 3. Do my job to the best of my abilities and help others do theirs if they require motivation or assistance.


  • 1. Read more. While I read several books in 2013, most of them were short stories or collections of short fiction.
  • 2. If I start a game, I plan to finish at least the main story. If it’s a really good game, I may try to play to 100%, such as with Lego games or games that require collecting items or achievements.
  • 3. Blog more. I want to start out with a minimum of 3 blog posts per week, with the goal of increasing to at least 5 per week.
  • 4. Be more active in Twitter discussions with the fine folks I follow. Follow new people that I share interests with and perhaps learn something new I didn’t know before.
  • 5. Finally get that podcast out with my friend, Paul. We’ve talked about it long enough, let’s kick that puppy into gear and get it going.
  • 6. Make the most of my time between getting home at night and going to bed. Don’t stay up watching television or playing games when you know you have to be up early the next morning (especially Mondays and Wednesdays.)

There is nothing outrageous on my list of resolutions. They are all doable and pretty straight forward, common sense items. Sometimes we lose focus, though, and a list like this is what someone like myself needs to bring things back in line. I tend to have an issue with multitasking, which is why some of the items above may seem strange to you, The Reader, but to me, it’s a reminder that I may need to stop/slow down and rethink what I am/was about to do.

Cheers to you, Fair Readers. Thanks for stopping by if you’re a new viewer and a big thank you if you’re a long-time viewer who stops in on occasion to see if I’m still here. I look forward to a great year in 2014 and I hope to see you there.

~ James


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