Further Podcasting Adventures

Coming soon, I hope to present more regular updates to our podcasting contributions. I believe I’ll have a co-host joining within the next week or so. He’s currently in the Philippines visiting a friend whose father just passed away. Once he returns, we’re planning on pushing out an episode to see how it goes. Broader discussion topics, wider range of opinions since it won’t be just me talking to my microphone. There is likely to still be at least one more episode with me flying solo, but that’s because I want to keep up my motivation to record.

Also, if  Youtube continues to play nice, I’ll be getting back around to posting some Youtube videos of the Let’s Play my son and I recorded. Starting out, it’ll be Minecraft videos, but I have hopes of stemming out to other games as well. Don’t want to push my luck and heap too much onto the pile at one time.

’til next time, have a great rest of the weekend!


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