Just Throwing This Out There (You’ve Heard It Before)

To go along with the new year, and those pesky resolutions, I’m just announcing that I’m hopping back on the fitness train today. I downloaded the 30 day demo for Wii Fit U, picked up a used balance board from Gamestop. I think I’m going to go ahead and pick up the Fit Meter as well, to sync those results. I also picked up some vitamins and a couple of supplements to assist me with appetite control. I’m serious this time. I’ve succeeded in limiting my soda intake and have been drinking the heck out of some water each day.

So, here we begin again, folks. I’m going to try it one more time. The only down side is, I have to lose weight before I can properly play the Wii Fit U. That’s right, I am so large I exceed the Wii Fit U’s weight limit. A fitness game that has a weight limit is a problem in and of itself, but it’s there. The funny thing is, I can actually use the balance board for the activities, but it’s the initial “Please Step On” point that shuts the game down. So, I fibbed yesterday. I know that will impact my actual weight loss on screen and the calories burned, but by fibbing, I am at least able to play the activity games and get some motion going. Fix this, Nintendo. I want to use your product but you’re telling me I’m too fat! Well, I already know that, that’s why I want to use your product.

As a second standby option, I’m also considering picking up a Kinect camera and one of their work out options. That’s camera based so I don’t think it would reject me. Come to think of it, I haven’t actually looked into that yet. I may have to do that. Either way, I know playing work out video games isn’t a work around to actual activity. I get that. But it is a way to keep it fun and help keep track of a few stats on the side, if not all of them. So, yeah, there ya go.

Now, I stand before you as an overweight, morbidly obese fat man who is once again stepping up to try and do something about it. Might fail, fall off the wagon, but I could also stick to it. You just never know until you try. So begins my Fitness Challenge.


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