Late Night Musings

Recently I’ve been having Facebook conversations with a gentleman that comes in at work on Mondays and Tuesdays. We’ve hit it off because our lives seem to mirror one another in nearly every aspect. From our wives to our children being born premature to our thoughts on pretty much everything. I’ve come to look forward to these – usually on Sunday nights before the week officially kicks off. It’s nice to have someone that can relate to what you’re saying.

I’ve also, the past few days, been thinking about how we – as a society – look upon similar situations, but make completely different opinions based on who is involved. Let’s say, just for example, two people died of a heroin overdose recently. One might be a celebrity, the other a guy that we use to know from high school. The fact that we would reflect on and morn the celebrity that we don’t know at all as opposed to reflecting on someone we might have had even minimal contact with as teenagers blows my mind. This topic was originally a blog post all on its own, but my thoughts grew larger than my leg to stand on and it quickly grew out of hand. But yeah, the way we deal with celebrity deaths versus the Average Joe is a bit disgusting to me.

And, finally, I’ve been debating the idea of when is a game considered finished. Or more to the point, when do specific people believe a game to be complete. Is it when we finish the main storyline and solve – or attempt to solve – our heroes problem? Or do you have to go for the complete 100%, all collectables and achievement score to consider a game complete? Why? My quick answer is this:

” I used to be the 100% everything guy. But lately, with so many games coming out and so many games already out that I haven’t even touched thanks to Games w/ Gold and PS+, I’ve become more of a, “Finished the story, let’s move on” guy. If I only played one console then I think it’d be different, but there’s so much packed into a game these days that I feel like I’m wasting money by not investing time that I don’t have into them like I used to. Too many options for gamers these days. It’s confusing me. Vita, 3DS, PS4, PS3, 360, Xbox 1, Wii U (which is getting some good games finally). It’s maddening.”

And that’s just a quick look at my thoughts for the weekend. You should see the stuff I write and then delete, though. I could fill this blog daily.s


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