5 Things About Me

To motivate myself into blogging, I looked up blogging prompts. I know, it’s a pitiful move, but since I’m not particularly dedicated to one topic on this blog, I figure I can spread the love around. I stumbled upon a series of NaBloPoMo March 2014 Prompts, on a site called BlogHer. So sit back and relax as I try to come up with todays topic, which I have modified to be: five things about myself you may not know.

#5 – I’ve always wanted to be a writer, perhaps even create a fantastic sci-fi television series and maintain tight control over it. In a draw or folder somewhere, wrinkled and faded, are three complete series. Each series is stand alone, but all linked through the same Universe and timeline. Each of the three series has a story arc that, upon completion, links all three into a “trilogy” or sorts that bring all the characters together in a huge cosmic event to protect life as we know it. All cooked up in this little twisted mind. It’s there, waiting to be expanded upon, improved, cast and thrown out into the airwaves.

#4 – I am a huge, huge, huge, HUGE fan of Stephen King’s The Stand. In particular, I’m very fond of The Stand: Complete & Uncut Edition that I stumbled across many moons ago as a young man. It was in the Readmore Book n’ Card in Murfreesboro, TN. I used to love to go there every Friday after I got paid and just walk around the little shop, check out all the books 10-times over every Friday and just relax in the laid back atmosphere. That little shop didn’t stay open very long, from what I remember, and I was devastated when I found out it was closed without warning. But that particular version of King’s epic masterpiece is my prize purchase from Readmore Book n’ Card. I have honestly read through then entire 1200+ pages of pure bliss 4 times. And you know what? I think I’m going to have to crack it open again just sitting here typing about it.

#3 – I always believed I was born too soon. Too early for my imagination. My mind was always in the future. Starships, alien planets, life out there in the stars that we visited to explore and learn from. The closest I could get to any of this was by watching television, reading and following NASA missions. Shuttle launches, space telescope images, etc, were my connection to where I should have been in the far flung future. Of course, that’s just the imaginings of a child, I suppose, but to this day, when I see those high-def images of distant galaxies or see the latest images from the rovers on Mars, I still get a little tingly feeling in my gut.

#2 – I use to hate kids. When I say I use to hate kids, I mean I couldn’t stand to be in the same room with them. Maybe it was the case of being an only child, (and, this didn’t really apply to school because that was just something I had to do) but you put me in a room with other kids outside of a school yard setting, and I was miserable. As I got older, it got worse and they just annoyed the living crap out of me. I suppose the first time I started to soften up was when my cousins Matt and Katie took a liking to me for some reason. They followed me around and wanted to climb all over me when we would go visit the family. Next thing you know, I’m a big softie and bringing toys to play with. Now, I have my own son (and one on the way) and would probably go to jail for violently murdering anyone who dared touch a hair on their heads. Same goes for any child or animal – both defenseless to protect themselves from the buttheads in this world.

And finally, the number one thing you may not know about me, drum roll please …

#1 – I have an especially strong empathy to other people. Maybe empathy isn’t the right word, perhaps you can find a better one. But, I have what one could call a gift of sorts for reading people and situations with little to no information. Upon meeting someone, I can tell you within seconds what type of person they are, if they are being honest and if there’s trouble in the near future. I’ve even gone as far as to call actions before they occur, or warn my wife/family/friends of people and/or events before they happen. I’m not saying I’m some psychic or something, I’m sure it’s something many people have. But for me and the company I keep, I never cease to amaze my wife and a few other folks with my “predictions” or warnings about certain individuals. My wife hates it, but when she ignores my advise, it comes back around 99% of the time with a, “You were right.” Call it luck, call it a gift, call it what you will, but I do believe it could have changed the direction of my life if I’d applied it a bit differently in my earlier years.

And there you have it. Five uninteresting things you didn’t want to know about little old me! Now, off with you. I need to tidy up around here before cranking out my next prompt 🙂


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