Day 8 of Being Sick

That’s right. Day eight. It started last Saturday afternoon. Monday morning I called out of work. I’ve only missed work one other time from being sick, and that was when I had the flu. Tuesday I was still ill so I visited the Kroger Little Clinic and then called in to work again. Here it is going into a new Saturday, and while I was actually able to hold a meal down yesterday, I still haven’t eaten much in the last 8 days. In fact, due to water loss and no nourishment, I’ve dropped 16 pounds. Not bad, maybe I should stay sick for a few more weeks, eh?

Right now I’m down to an irritating cough that is starting to loosen up and feeling weak and queasy (from not having eaten, possibly.) I’m thinking I may be better come Monday. Then I get ready to leave work tonight and my wife texts me. Seems our son is sick now. He’s one-uped me and is vomiting. Nice! So, recalculating my odds, I may be sick again with something else come Monday morning.

I blame it all on the weather and accept responsibility for nothing!


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