There Comes A Time …

While I’m still not at 100% health, I do feel better then I did a few days ago. Still watching what I eat but also still coughing my head off. It seems worse at night, but also more productive at night (that’s the nice way of saying I’m coughing !@#$ up while hacking my head off). Despite still being under the weather, I have a job interview tomorrow. Well, Tuesday – so, today for those of you that live a regular scheduled life. At 9:30 AM Central Time, I’ll be at our local Wal-Mart Super Center for a job interview. Now before you get all panicked and such, it isn’t for full time placement. I’m simply applying for a part time seasonal position to help bring in a bit more money. See, with The Wife being down and out for 7 months now – starting with all of the kids she babysat going into Kindergarden, to being “high-risk” in her pregnancy and unable to bend, lift and pull on new kids, we’ve been flying by the thin seat of our bank account. Well, that seat’s starting to wear even thinner, so it’s time for James to whip out his I’m The Man card and get to providing for his family. Not saying this is what I’m wanting, but it’s what I’m doing because it’s required of me. I’m a little attached to the idea of having a roof over my head, electricity and running water, so it’s not like I have a lot of other options here. No one is offering to pay my bills for me, ya know? 🙂 So, Wal-Mart is the first of the applications I dropped off to call me back. Fairly quickly, too, I might add.

The thing is, it’s been about 13 years since I worked at Wal-Mart. If I should get hired on, I’ll then be the creepy/weird old guy. I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. I use to be the cool young guy with a chip on his shoulder. Someone else use to be the creepy/weird old guy. But, I guess someone has to do it, right? Creepy/weird old guys eventually turn into crazy old guys so somebody has to take the promotion and fill their shoes. I just hope I’m up for that challenge.



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