Resetting Sleep Parameters, Please Hold

I’m slowly getting into a schedule with my sleep/work routine. I’ve been lucky, the past few weeks anyways, that the folks at our local Wal-Mart have been very kind in working with me concerning my scheduled hours. My immediate assistant manager said he didn’t want to kill me and planned on letting me work a schedule of 5 days per week, 8AM to 2PM. That’s nice, a firm 30 hours per week since there is no lunch break to deduct until you go over the 6 hour mark. I can be out of there before then, I’m sure. Meanwhile, I’m also balancing in a few controlled hours of over time at my main job, with 30 minutes to an hour over each night. As long as I can get home and be in bed by 1AM, I can get in a good night’s sleep before being back up and at Wal-Mart by 8 the next morning.

The hardest part has been the schedule adjustment. Anything under 6 hours of sleep and I’m as good as useless on any given day. Used to be I could at least work off of 5 hours sleep, but I seem to be getting old and require a bit more rest. I’m also enjoying my job in retail. It’s actually sort of relaxing, stocking grocery shelves and helping customers. The customers are the best part, I enjoy interacting with the different personalities each day. While I initially took on this job until my wife could deliver our baby and get back on her feet, I’m thinking I may try to stick around at Wal-Mart for awhile just to stash back the cash afterwards. It’ll be a nice little emergency fund (or rainy day fund, depending on the mood.)

Meanwhile, The Wife is about ready to strangle her doctor. She’s miserable right now, as with our first son, he was born 2 1/2 months early. She’s going into the last month with this one and is in constant pain. She begged the doctor to put her in and deliver the baby last Friday but he’s telling her he wants to push her as far as he can up to her original due date, which is May 17th. For all our sanity, we may have to hold him hostage and force the delivery ourselves. The Wife is getting a bit grumpy.

Other than those personal tidbits, I’ve had most of my online life on hold while I adjust and figure out how to manage my time. My gaming is down to nearly nothing (except for Marvel Puzzle Quest on my phone). Blog updates are far and few between (as always). A podcast my friend Paul/Ares has been wanting to work on is currently on hold while I rest and try to get to sleep at a decent hour. And my own podcast/audio blog is out there in the void, floating around aimlessly. Hopefully things are coming together, though, and all will be well soon.

Till then, Friends, have a great week!


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