Social Media Leading to Isolation

While I do not agree with the idea that social media is leading the mass population to isolation, I do believe it is getting a little out of control. I believe people (myself included) need to start putting the phone/tablet/computer aside and focusing on who is in front of them. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been out to eat with family or friends and at least one or two people – my wife is usually one of the first – start whipping out their smartphone and shoving it in, not only their own face, but the faces of other people. It’s become a new tool in the gossip war. You can now look up people’s profiles online and show their pictures that they posted to family and friends to whoever is around you. So, while this video strikes a cord, I don’t believe it’s as bad (yet) as this spoken poem makes it seem. But yes, put the phones up and talk to one another. You don’t need 400+ friends if you can’t nurture the relationship with 3 or 4 that you see every day.


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