Briefly: Dog Protects Lost 3 Year Old

I understand we aren’t suppose to judge others, but when I read stories such as this one: Family dog finds, saves missing 3-year-old in North Dakota, I begin to have a tornado of thoughts form in my little brain. Things like, 1) Why was a three year old left outside to play by himself for who knows how long. 2) Why did it take the parents so long to go check on him – they noticed something was wrong when he hadn’t come back in from playing. Hello? Hi there, your son is THREE YEARS OLD. 3) Traumatic, I’m sure, but why weren’t these parents charged with some type of endangerment. Maybe there’s something else going on here.

I know, I know, I can be a bit crazy sometimes. But seriously, if I ever thought about tossing my 3-year-old child outside to play by himself while I went back in and worked on the house, I would hope someone was sane enough to call child services on me. But maybe that’s just me being a little too over protective.

To sum this up: Thank God the family dog was smart enough to keep an eye on the child because the parents certainly weren’t.


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