Resignation Letter

As anyone that reads this blog knows, I tend to ramble about before attempting to get my main idea across. It seems I do the same thing with resignation letters. The one I wrote today, to Wal-Mart, was a bit long winded, but I got everything in I wanted them to know. It wasn’t anything nasty or harsh. There were no vulgar words thrown about. Instead, I simply presented my reasoning on why I was submitting a resignation letter, thanked them kindly and moved on my way. I don’t know what I was expecting, but my department manager and the assistant manager I spoke to were both kind of like, “Ok, well, bye.” To be fair, though, in their line of work I’m sure this was just another day.

So, why did I quit anyway? Well, I submit to YOU, Dear Reader, the same letter I presented to the managers at my part time job.

Dear Management Team of Store 0406,

I would like to thank everyone I’ve had direct contact with for welcoming me into the employee family. Unfortunately, while I’ve enjoyed my (very short) time with everyone, I have to admit that I’ve become a bit of a wuss. Running between my full-time job and here, it keeps me on the go for a literal 7 days each week. While this may not have been a huge deal 10 – maybe even 5 – years ago, I’m not as young or in-shape as I used to be. To quote Toby Keith: “I’m not as good as I once was …”

There is also the matter of having a newborn in the house, an emotional wife (I believe postpartum is the term), and a 10-year-old who is having a hard time adjusting to his dad not being there for him because he’s either at work or asleep all the time. These things – as well as taking into account how my weariness may eventually affect my job performance, both here and at Parthenon – have led me to the conclusion that I may have just scooped too much onto my plate at once.

So, in this letter, I humbly submit my notice of resignation from Wal-Mart. I thank you all for your time and apologize that I wasn’t able to tough it out like a big boy. I also understand that I’m still under a 90-day evaluation period and this letter may have been unnecessary. This is, however, to notify you that due to outside circumstances at my other job, today, May 18, 2014, will mark my final day of employment with Wal-Mart Store #0406. I realize this is extremely short notice, but to prolong it for a full 2 weeks would result in me having less than 3 hours sleep per night due to overtime I’ll be receiving at my main job. This, I feel, would lead to unsafe practices at both jobs, for myself as well as my coworkers. Again, I apologize.

I have considered adjusting my hours again, but they are already so limited it wouldn’t be fair to my Wal-Mart team and, in the end, wouldn’t justify the time spent here versus the payout every two weeks.

Thank you once again, I appreciate how quickly I was accepted back into the Wal-Mart family and will miss you all even after so short a time together.



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