Ouch! (A Quick Blurb)

My wallet very nearly died today. There was actually a point where it slipped into a coma toward the end of the Nintendo E3 video showcase. So many wonderful games coming out this year and in 2015 that it just couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve seen highlights of Sony’s presentation and I watched the video presentation of Nintendo this morning, but have yet to see what Microsoft had to offer. Right off the bat, though, I can say that I’m very proud of Nintendo and think they blew Sony & Microsoft out of the water with their announcements. The hardcore community may not think so, but Nintendo has really stepped up and delivered. Not to mention they’re pretty much the only company offering new titles THIS YEAR and not in 2015. Oh, and if you want to talk exclusives, Nintendo again. Sadly, it’s probably too late to save the Wii U, but at least they’ll go out fighting. And if, just IF they can somehow turn those lackluster sales around, wow. That’ll be one of the greatest comebacks I’ll have witnessed. I’m rooting for them, that’s for sure.


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