Carrie – 2013 (R)


If you want to watch the modern day retelling of Stephen King’s Carrie, look no further than this movie starring Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz. They play Margaret White and Carrie White, respectively. And while Julianne Moore does deliver a very creepy and disturbed mother figure, Moretz doesn’t live up to the part. There are some scenes where she shines through as an overly sheltered girl from a strict religious upbringing under her mother’s thumb, but over all she falls kind of flat in her portrayal.

Heck, I’ll go ahead and say it: no one really stands out in this movie, and that’s a shame. It could have really been a standout remake of the classic film but it all comes down to relying on sex, profanity and special effects. All the classic scenes are there, though: bloody shower scene, pig’s blood bath that leads to all hell breaking loose and the cracking tombstone at the end.

I had high hopes when I saw this one was finally coming to On Demand,  but I doubt it will ever be one of those movies that makes me say, “Ohh, let’s watch that one again,” when I see it on the television schedule.


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