My Health in Review for the Week of August 3, 2014

Previously …

Last week I was all about reinvigorating myself and jumping back into my goals of health and happiness. After being sick for some time, I had finally fallen off the old wagon and rolled around in the mud that last week. Horrible results came of that, which led to me renewing my efforts last week. And while my intentions were good and everything was in place to do nothing but help me succeed, the best laid plans can sometimes hit speed bumps. No excuses, just poor will power and my inability to say adapt fast enough when life throws me those curve ball situations.

All of that being said, the week wasn’t a complete loss. While I have gained back a bit of my weight while under the weather, I’ve continued to get in some exercise and keep my calories in an acceptable, though slightly higher, range with the exception of one day when things got a little out of hand.

This week …

My goals remain the same. The methods of getting to my goals, well that needs a little adjustment. I have realized that I slip out of my safety zone so easily because the parameters I’ve set are too loose and flexible. I need a more tighter structure, straighter lines to walk. This week I’ll be trying to clean that up a bit more and bring it more in line with what I’m hoping for in the future.

The main aspect of this realignment will be trimming down the calorie intake to a much more acceptable range. I’ve allowed myself too much play in what I could eat each day, letting those just in case calories slip by way too many times. As for exercise, the second main ingredient, my Mondays are dedicated to mowing our lawn first thing every morning. The rest of the week is a walk of at least 2 miles at our nearby recreational park each morning. Not to mention the usual walking I get in at work as supplemental exercise.

I have no data or statistics for you this week, but starting next Sunday, I’ll bring all those nuggets of gold with me and present them to you in a no-shame-in-my-game and no holds barred manner. You may be surprised, saddened and possibly even sickened by what you read, but at this point, I figure what the heck. I might also add that I’ve been inspired by other bloggers I’ve discovered here on WordPress and am now following. I admire their courage and strength to not give up and to press on even when things don’t go their way. I hope to learn from them and correct my own mistakes as time goes on.

And as always, thank you for your support and kind words. Have a great week!



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