Move to Trash

Over the past 4 days I have written about 5 blog posts. Each one, by the time I was done, ended with me clicking the Move to Trash link over on the right of the page. They weren’t horrible blog posts, even by my standards, but they just didn’t seem … I’m not sure what word I’m looking for. It just didn’t seem right to post/publish them at this moment. I had a post concerning our 10-year-old son entering into the online gaming world. There was one about this month’s Xbox and Playstation free game offerings that I just wrote an extremely long blog post on and then deleted.

How often do you start a blog post only to find it isn’t one you feel is ready to be published? Or maybe it’s not good enough (if that was my case, I’d never post anything!). Or maybe you feel it isn’t working out the way you planned and the information isn’t presented in an acceptable or pleasing manner. What constitutes a post being bad enough to delete it after all the work you’ve put in to it?

Anyways, I hope to have something to present in the next day or so. Something I feel is worthy of more than Move to Trash when it’s finished.


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