Guardians of the Galaxy (PG-13)

** Spoilers ahead! This is not a professional review. This is simply my rambling opinion of a movie I recently watched. Just a chat between friends. There may be spoilers, there may be long blocks of text completely unrelated to what this blog post is about. Take that with a grain of salt and continue on, if you are okay with that. **


I don’t think anyone knew what to expect going into Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but judging from the reviews they were certainly surprised! Guardians of the Galaxy is the beginning of Marvel’s Phase Two for their movie universe. This is the spring board for the new line of movies to come, such as films based on Ant Man, Dr. Strange and so on. It’s also set to serve as one of our lead ins to the next Avenger’s movie, possibly another Iron Man and maybe even Hulk or Captain America sequel.

Guardians of the Galaxy offers up humor, drama, a great story, lots of action, classic music and … an epic dance off to save the universe as we know it. That’s right, you heard me, don’t be giving me any eye rolls, I’m not the one that wrote the film. The theater was laughing through out the movie and everyone cheered at the end, a sign of any great blockbuster. Rocket and Groot were the scene stealers, but the human cast held their own, especially Dave Bautista as Drax. I thought Drax was probably the character with the second saddest history, aside from Rocket, of course and his moments through out the movie.

Even the supporting cast is fantastic in their performances. Outstanding jobs by all involved. And while movie-goers may have been thrown off by all the aliens, space pew-pew and characters that they probably didn’t know one from the other, box office numbers don’t lie. The movie is raking in the cash, the cast is receiving praise, and they deserve every bit of it. Guardians of the Galaxy is every bit as good as everyone has said it is and maybe just a little bit better. If this is the direction the second round of Marvel movies is going, I can’t freaking wait!

Darker, more epic in scale and a complete change of pace from the armored do-gooders of The Avenger’s lot. The cast comes together and seems to mesh fairly well. And the already infamous scene after the credits … who knows, that may just be one of the mystery movies we’re destined to see in the next couple of years.

If you haven’t been to see Guardians of the Galaxy, then you must see it on the big screen. It’s rated PG-13, but even still, I found some of the language a bit unnecessary and out of place. Overall it was a great experience with my wife, the kids and her parents all along for the ride and everyone enjoying the film in all the right places.  And when the film proclaims that, “Guardians of the Galaxy will be back!” at the end as sure as we expected, you can’t help but let out a little cheer deep down inside, and then look around quickly to make sure no one else heard it.

Oh, and for you Dr. Who fans, it took me ’til nearly the end of the film before I realized, “Oh my, that’s Amy “Man Hands” Pond!!!” That’s right, and to make matters worse, she looked pretty hot as a blue bald chick. I’m just disappointed that I didn’t realize it was Karen Gillan sooner. For that matter, Benicio Del Toro doesn’t look like himself – or at least, not as I’m use to seeing him in movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy – go for the new chapter, stay for the cute ending just as the credits start to roll.



3 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy (PG-13)

  1. Haha, I didn’t believe how I could possibly not recognise Pond! But the movie was AWESOME. : )

    And I like your rambling about it, makes me feel ok for raving about it, very unprofessionally ; )

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