My Health In Review for the Week of August 17, 2014

Welcome to the weekly blog post where I regale you with tales – good and bad – of my adventures in dieting and weight loss. Last week I promised transparency for the purpose of this blog and future video blogs. Weight stats, victories, defeats and setbacks are incoming.

Previously …

This passed week went extremely well. I stuck to my diet, I kept my calories in control. Meals were prepared in advance and even a few vegetables were consumed. Exercise was still a little lacking since we just can’t seem to get a schedule going here at home. Hectic school days, my wife working from home and my trying to do weekly chores and cook my meals for both lunch at home and my meal break at work that night was just more than I’m use to handling at one time. Not to mention The Wife and I are both lacking a lot of sleep. A lot. But I’m wandering …

Wednesday’s fasting went so much better than I thought it would. I did eat a small lunch, but my calorie intake stayed below 800 calories, which is not too shabby. If I’d went the entire day without eating anything on my first attempt, I’m afraid it would have been another failure to chalk up as I might have caved in.

Going into the weekend, I reached Friday night at work and didn’t have a meal prepared because we’d had a big lunch at home and I’d consumed the majority of my calories then. I planned on gliding through the night on those remaining calories, and would have succeeded. However, my weakness is boredom, and boredom was in full swing Friday night. We’ve been extremely slow at work, so after about 10 minutes sitting in my car listening to podcasts, I found myself on the road to Sonic. Sure enough, a burger and tots did me in and sent my caloric intake skyrocketing. A fail – a major fail.

Saturday wasn’t as bad, but also not in the most healthy range. While I went the entire day without really eating anything because I was catching up on sleep, I still snacked on a bowl of cereal (bad considering my attempts at limiting grains and dairy foods), and there might have been a Little Debbie Fudge Round thrown in there. Saturday night, after The Wife got home and sat around for awhile, she wanted to go to a little Italian restaurant in Murfreesboro. I didn’t go overboard there, but it was enough to put me just over my calories for the day. Nothing tragic, aside from the grains and dairy intake.

Today was a good win to start the week out on. Family came in to visit and we took them to Longhorn Steakhouse, where I was able to maintain control and had a nice healthy meal. I was proud of myself, but still felt miserable because after my previous week long success, I was suddenly filled to bursting from the cereal and sweets I ate Saturday. It seriously weighed me down after eating healthy for nearly an entire week and that one day of on and off snacking really packed a gut punch.

This week …

I plan on continuing preparing my meals in advance, eating healthier and carrying on my combination intermittent fasting/Paleo mix of dieting. Drinking the heck out of water, staying away from the sodas hasn’t been nearly as troublesome as I expected and I’ll continue with that. And, of course, I hope to once again try and wrangle a schedule out of the chaos we’re fighting. I’ve already got the idea in my head that I’ll stay over at work each night after clocking out and walk at least a mile before coming home. Not exactly what I’d like to do, but I’ll take what I can get at this moment in time. My ultimate goal is to get back to the park in the mornings and get back to my 1-2 mile walks.

Quick n’ Dirty Stats:

Last  Sunday’s Weigh-in: 347.5 lbs.

This Sunday’s Weigh-in: 344.2 lbs.

Difference: -3.3 lbs.

Thoughts: Considering I had gotten down to 330 lbs a month and a half ago before getting sick, this is a major, MAJOR disappointment and setback. When I first started, though, I was at a hefty 352, and I’m almost back to that point again. I’m basically a yo-yo dieter from the results I’ve gotten over the past few weeks and I’ve packed on a ridiculous amount of weight in such a short amount of time. Lapses in judgement, inability to control my boredom and emotional eating are still problems that need to be dealt with more firmly. All of that said, I’ll take a 3 pound loss any day over another 3 pound gain.

In closing, I thank you for the continued support, appreciate the messages I’ve received and the few comments given. Stay tuned for next week when the ultimate question will be answered: “Will he be able to lose any more weight? Or will he Shamu out and start making whale sounds 🙂

Have a good rest of the week, friends. I’ll see you on the other side!





2 thoughts on “My Health In Review for the Week of August 17, 2014

  1. While I believe you should be held accoutable, i think you did great. you are adjusting, and with any adjustment period there is a sliding scale until you find balance. do not beat yourself up about it…rise above it. Be kind to are pretty awesome.

  2. While I believe you should be held accountable, i think you did great. you are adjusting, and with any adjustment period there is a sliding scale until you find balance. do not beat yourself up about it…rise above it. Be kind to are pretty awesome.

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