Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4)

I anxiously picked up Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition for the PS4 yesterday on its release. Now, it’s true that I have the game, Diablo 3, on my Mac and have completed it through the first 3 difficulties. But that was before they brought out the expansion, updated the game in some major new ways and brought out even more new ways to play. And more new levels of difficulty, might I add! So, how does the console version of a major Blizzard (yeah, yeah, technically Activision-Blizzard) game play? Well …

If there is one thing you can count on from Blizzard Entertainment, it’s quality. D3:UEE is no exception here. The game graphics have been zoomed in for the television, as opposed to the smaller graphics on my little 13″ Macbook. They look pretty darn good, very clean and colorful in the dark and gloomy setting of the world. Characters move smoothly and the voice overs are pulled straight from the original game. Lighting details, sound effects, music … it’s Diablo 3, folks. There’s nothing new in this department, just fine-tuned for 1080p television love.

shoppingUsing a controller on a PC/Mac game has never felt more comfortable. Especially when your main interface with the computer is clicking the crap out of a mouse button and occasionally fingering a number key between 1 and 4. Diablo 3’s controls come through nicely on the DualShock 4 controller and I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Each control and their action is clearly labeled on the lower left of the screen as you play through the campaign. I almost prefer the controller to mouse/keyboard for Diablo 3 now, having played it this way.

Content-wise, you not only get Diablo 3, but you also get the expansion, Reaper of Souls and all the goodies that come with that chapter. That means a new playable character class, a whole new Act and new gameplay options. Blizzard has also said that they see no reason not to push patches from the PC/Mac version through to the next generation console versions as well. This means that if the PC Diablo 3 gets a major change via content patch, console users should expect to see the same sooner or later.

If I have to pick one major issue with the game, it’s damage. When encountering large groups of mobs, damage doesn’t seem to distribute evenly. With that, I mean that shooting blindly into a mob that’s surrounding you might see three mobs go down in 2 shots while the third one takes 10 more hits to cut down. The auto tracking of enemies is also a good and bad thing. It’s good because it’ll automatically lock onto an enemy as you approach it. When encountering a large mob, however, it can harm you more than help because it might lock on to an enemy in the very rear of the mob, meaning everything else around you might as well not be there. This is where the ability to sort of direct an attack comes in handy, sort of. Targeting is the second issue the game has, for the very reasons I’ve just been discussing.

And did I mention MULTI-PLAYER?! That’s right, just like its Daddy, Diablo 3 for the console allows you and up to 3 other online friends to rumble it out in the dungeon crawler. If that isn’t enough, you can also do local multi-player with another party member. I have yet to try either of those options, so I can’t really give you the nitty gritty, but will update this blog post in the near future.

The Quick & Dirty Lowdown:

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition is a great console adaption of an already fantastic game from Blizzard Entertainment (Activision-Blizzard). If you’ve played the PC/Mac version then you’ve played this, but if you just want a great button-masher for your console then it delivers. Beware tricky targeting and uneven dispersal of damage between large mob groups. Includes Reaper of Souls expansion and potential for future updates from Blizz. Also, link your Battle.net account and receive a free in-game gift! As an added bonus, if you’re playing on a Sony Playstation, you’ll also have exclusive content to look forward to, such as custom Rifts and armor sets.


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