Free Games for September 2014!!

Xbox finally joined in and announced their free Games with Gold offerings for September. Playstation announced theirs earlier this week. Now I just have to decide if any of them actually tickle my fancy enough to download!


Xbox Live Games with Gold offerings for the 360:

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine – This game sounds interesting, but from the graphics alone I’m not sure if it’s my cup-o-tea. I’ve come into a spot of my gaming life where “classic” looking games (or old graphic-style games) just irk me with all the beautiful work we get nowadays. IGN gave it a 9, though, so for gameplay alone I may give it a shot. It’s available from September 1-16th.

Halo: Reach – Available from September 16 ’til the end of the month, my son has already laid claim to this game. His friend has a copy and he’s anxious to jump into some multiplayer with it. I’ve never been big on the Halo series, so it looks like my son may be the only one getting any real enjoyment out of this months selections from Microsoft.


Playstation Plus:

Playstation 4 owners may be overjoyed at this month’s selections. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those overjoyed folks. We’re getting:

Velocity 2x – Another arcade title, and a sequel to Velocity Ultra, which features platforming levels and ship battles. I think I’ve mentioned briefly before that I’m about over arcade titles. 

Sports Friends – A party game with 4 mini-games you can choose from. Yay … 

Once again, the fantastically huge line-up of Playstation 3 and Vita gets the love. Horde, Joe Danger, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale … yeah, that’s where the payback for membership comes from. But, I’m the one that chose PS4 as my main gaming platform, so it was my call 🙂 One day we’ll start getting a better selection of games, I’m sure of it! 

In the meantime, Xbox wins this one by default with Halo: Reach, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe next month I won’t be as disappointed in my “FREE” game selection!


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