My Week In Entertainment Wrap-up for 8/30/14

I’ve got a huge backlog of movies that need to be watched, and a growing pile of games that need to be finished. As such, this is my quick rundown of what I’ve been watching and playing for the week and my brief review.


White House Down – Channing Tatum, James Woods and Jamie Fox star in a Roland Emmerich film. Roland Emmerich is pretty much all you need to know in this case, as he’s known to bring us over-the-top movies such as Independence Day, 2012, Stargate, etc. This particular movie is action packed, humor filled and actually has a pretty tight story. And, of course, it’s over the top in every scene. Tatum isn’t one of my favorite actors, but he does have a bad habit of showing up in several movies I enjoy.


Jonah Hex – Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and John Malkovich star in this DC Comics western. Jonah Hex is a Civil War military man who changes sides because of his conscious and pays the price by watching his family burn to death. He is left with a brand on the side of his face and nearly dies. A group of indians nurse him back from death, but he doesn’t make it all the way back, walking the land in a half dead/half living state. He is able to speak with the dead, but isn’t immortal. He is followed around by crows who appear to aid him in his journeys. That’s a lot, I know, but it works in what I saw. The movie wasn’t half has bad as I was lead to believe but I’d like to see a stronger reboot and perhaps a franchise develop. Brolin did a fine job. Fox was her usual eye candy self. And Malkovich was fine as usual.


A friend strongly recommended I check out Continuum on Netflix. I had a few chores to do when I came home and when I finally went to watch Netflix had some issues. Tuesday became a game night instead, getting in a few hours of Diablo 3 on the PS4.


Diablo 3 wins again! I’m now a leveling madman and going into the final stage of Act 3. Leveling is so much faster and easier on the console version – or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m more comfortable while playing. Not being hunched over a computer can have a real drag on time, it seems.


I finished the main story line in Diablo 3 on Normal mode. Act V, which leads into the Reaper of Souls expansion pack is now my focus as my demon hunter, Volker, has dinged level 38. I’m a little taken aback by the new level design as it seems to go on forever with no end in sight and multiple little side cellars and rooms to step in to.


Blizzard released the latest patch for Diablo 3 on the PC/Mac platform, and we now have Seasons! Well, there’s more changes for balance and whatnot, but what attracted me was Seasons. This is a leaderboard ranked chance for players to start from scratch and compete against one another with their play throughs. No gold, no high level artisans, no stashed equipment waiting on you. Each Season sees a new character starting from the first level and playing through the entire game with nothing but what they earn. This is what I started Friday night when I got home from work. Diablo 3 Season 1.


Saturday was my 11th Wedding Anniversary, however my wife was busy helping her mom with a few tasks, checking in on her grandmother who was in the hospital and just wearing herself out in general. My oldest son and I stayed home and hung out. I watched him play The Amazing Spiderman 2 video game and then I played a little more Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition. Exciting week, I know, but that’s pretty much how it ended. The Wife and I did get to have a decent meal together, but not alone as we couldn’t get anyone to watch the kids tonight.

Oh, and the second episode of the new season of Doctor Who! Peter Capaldi is fantastic in this role and tonight’s episode, “Into the Dalek,” was excellent! I’ve a good feeling about this season.


For those worried, don’t be. This won’t be a weekly thing I post about, just something I wanted to share about this particular week. It’s actually kind of sad and boring, I suppose, but considering how hot and miserable and LONG the week has been, it’s been nice to unwind with a little television and gaming.




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