Tidying Up A Bit (Blog Patch 7.1.0)

I was bored tonight and decided to change a few things around on the blog. Behold, Patch Notes:


  • Removed a few old links to the right and added a couple of new ones you might be interested in, such as Nerd Fitness and 2 Old 2 Play, a gamer community.
  • Tinkered with the Podcasts Worth a Listen page. Removed a couple of podcasts that hadn’t updated in awhile (Angry Mailman Podcast) and added one new podcast: Gamer Husbands Radio.
  • Changed my linked profile account to my About.Me page, adding links to various other social media sites I participate on (even Google Plus, not that anyone ever uses that.)
  • Cleaned up the Gamer Tags & ID page by simply removing a couple of bulky, unattractive images (but leaving the text) and adding a few more sites I occasionally can be found through. In short, Insomnia176 is pretty much everything you need to know.
  • Added a section to the right that lets you see blogs I personally follow and maybe find something new yourself.
  • And, finally, I did some adjustments to the thing-a-mah-bobs and do-hickeys behind the scenes to better organize.

I now return you to your regularly schedules reading.


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