In Search Of: Family Friendly Gaming Community

I’ve always been an avid single-player gamer. I like RPG’s because they give you that “big party” feel, yet leave you alone and allow you to roam at your own pace. Several years ago I did venture into The World of Warcraft, and even joined a guild there (because I had a friend who was in it at the time). But mainly I soloed all my quests, again as a hunter w/ pets to assist me and long range damage capabilities. I liked to play with others, but not in an online setting.

The reason I steered clear of social activities online is because of the particular type of gamer associated with most popular games. You get the foul mouth, hate-spewing wretch who has to poon everyone. The immature grade schooler who thinks they can run their mouth because they’re anonymous online and will run your mother down to the ground with their profane chatter. Or, as is still the case in Call of Duty, the perfect players that don’t want anyone that they deem below their standards even in the same lobby as a game is loading. These are the people  I always associated with online gaming, and that’s why I steered far from that road of destruction.

Now I’m older. Most every game released now has a multiplayer online feature. And I admit, that with most of my time being spent at home, or online, I’m finding that I am in need of online friends. This is especially true with new and popular games such as Destiny and Diablo 3’s Ultimate Evil Edition. Not that I don’t have real life associates to communicate with, but I have very, very few friends who share my love of gaming. So that leads me to wonder where I can find those mature, family friendly folks who are decent to hang out with in an online setting.

In Bungie’s Destiny online shooter, I joined a clan for a podcast I listen to. There are over a dozen members of this clan, pretty much all in their little close-knit circle of friends that have been guests on the show or extremely vocal/supporters on Twitter. The problem with me being a member is, I am not one of these folks within that inner-circle. I’ve yet to join up with any of our clan members or even make their game nights. Even the conversations within clan forums or message boards seem to be an intrusion on a conversation being held by friends. I’m kind of a “third wheel,” or more appropriately, “the odd man out.”

I’ve done some Google searches for gaming communities. Family friendly, even. But the results that come up haven’t been active in over a year or more when you go to their sites and research them. So my question to you, Dear Reader, is: where can I find a good, decent, somewhat family friendly, mature gaming community that might even be willing to welcome a newcomer such as myself into the fold? Any suggestions are appreciated and will be looked into.

The particular games I’m looking to play can spread across Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4 and the occasional 3DS and PC/Mac. At the moment I’m especially interested in Diablo 3 (PS4 and Mac/PC), Destiny, Hearthstone. And I’m starting to get the itch to play some WoW again.

Thanks for reading! Have a great rest of the week.


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