Reverse Engineered Gaming Community

A couple of friends and myself decided to get together and go in on our own little gaming community. There’s nothing fancy or special about it, aside from the fine folks that choose to sign up to be a member. We’re new, we’re growing, and we’re looking for a large variety of members across all platforms. There is only one caveat: We’d like to keep this family friendly! No vulgar language or inappropriate conversations. Just folks that like to come together and play games and have a decent time.

Right now we’re only set up across Destiny (on the PS4), and Diablo 3. Looking for others to create as they see fit, just please let us know and join the Facebook group to connect with others to set up game times and sessions. We hold no copyright on the group name, but please show a little respect when using it as it will hopefully come to represent many others as we join together and grow!

Visit us & sign up here:


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