A Year Later … iPhone to Android and Back Again

Last year, if any returning readers remember, I lost my iPhone 4S due to a swimming pool mishap. No more needs to be said, we’ll just leave it at that, mmkay? Lost and still shaken without my dear Apple product, I resorted to the quickest, cheapest replacement, which was a Samsung Galaxy S3. That’s right, I went from grieving iPhone widower to new Android owner. I was heart broken, but bound and determined to make my new relationship with this strange smartphone OS work.

The first two months were the roughest, of course. Adjusting to the new interface, learning what the OS could do for me, getting comfortable with the apps, app store and so on. Most importantly, though, I was finding myself falling in love with the large screen on the S3. It felt wrong, yet it felt so right. And so I gave in and let the Android world claim me. Customizable home screens, large displays, smooth and responsive to my touch … I learned to focus on these fantastic features while ignoring the blaring lack of a decent mp3 player for my podcasts. I let myself be lost in the simpler controls of the device and ignored the fact that I couldn’t easily transfer music or other documents to the device without going through a half dozen steps. I got over it because … because … well, to be honest, because it’s what I had.

Enter the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I got antsy every time a new rumor about the new iPhones would surface online. I counted the months, the weeks, the days and finally the very hours until the Apple conference finally started streaming. Oh, a brand new iPhone … iPhone 6 and the first phablet of the line, the iPhone 6 Plus were finally announced! I was having guilty flashbacks to my love affair with Apple. I would leave my Android smartphone in the other room while I looked up videos and navigated the Apple website to read more, or read articles covering hands-on reports. Could this be it?

Well, if you have any doubt, I did pick up an iPhone 6. I very nearly picked up the 6 Plus, but after holding it and playing around on it, decided it was just too big for my small, fat hands. The iPhone 6, though … we are a match made in heaven. The first thing I did when I got home with my new iPhone 6 was to – of course – go through all my settings and fine tune them to what I expected out of the iOS 8 software. iCloud, Find My iPhone, Siri … oh, how I’d missed them all. And then I began downloading the apps I’d accumulated on my Android … and that’s when I realized what I’d really been missing as an Android user.

You see, Android is the professional smartphone user’s experience, I suppose. They like their customizable screens and all the tiny little controls they believe they have over the Android system. They also enjoy it because owning an Android means you’re taking a stand against mean old Apple and their money-making ways of bleeding the iSheep dry of their hard earned money. But do you know why people pay that money to Apple? All that wonderful hard earned money? Because they get what they pay for. They get the quality, they get the well designed apps, and they get the ease of use when transporting music or downloading podcasts.

Seriously, on the Samsung Galaxy S3, I went through about 6 different podcasting apps. I finally settled on the best one, which isn’t saying much of the apps I’d sorted through, and even then wasn’t truly happy. But Apple’s iPhone? Plug it in once, choose to sync it wirelessly from that point on and you’re good to go with your music, apps, movies, books, etc. Want a podcast? No problem, there’s a whole library of available podcasts, ranked, rated, sorted and just waiting for you to browse it. Having a problem? Ask Siri, she is very good and understanding some crazy stuff you whisper into her speaker.

Other apps I owned also vary greatly between Android and Apple devices. Fitbit, WordPress and others are simply beautiful and full features on the iPhone 6 and iOS 8. On Android, they function at a bare bones minimum and you absolutely love it because, well, what else have you got?

That’s not to say you shouldn’t buy an Android – I’d never be presumptuous enough to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t buy. That’s none of my business. In fact, my mom decided not to upgrade her phone, a 4S, and instead wanted to try my Galaxy S3. She loves it! What does she love? The big screen, and the fact that the speaker you talk into actually comes out to her mouth so she, and I quote, “Feels like I’m talking on a real phone!”

Android may be great for the hipsters that want to make a stand and think they’re changing the world. But for simple folk such as myself, I want something that’s comfortable, knows what I want and how to give it to me … and that just works. Give me my iPhone 6 and I’ll be happy. I’m sorry, Android, but it’s me, not you. I think we should take a break from this relationship. It’s been real. Thanks for the memories, I’ll remember them each day as I pick up my Apple iPhone 6 smart phone and use it my way.


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