The New WordPress Posting Format

I’d like to think I’m not alone in saying that the new posting format WordPress is trying to implement sucks. The layout is suppose to provide an improved posting experience, but what I find it to do is be confusing. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve selected to save a post as a draft so I can finish it later, only to have WordPress publish it to the blog as a finalized post. Ugh! Of course, the simpler and most likely solution is that I’m an idiot, which I haven’t ruled out. But for the record, I’m still blaming it on WordPress and their attempt to overhaul the UI on us.

So until they take away the old posting method completely, I’ll just be a lag-behind loser and continue to use what I’m most comfortable with. It’s familiar, easy on the eyes and like a nice, comfy recliner that’s been broken in to support my old, weary frame. Thanks for trying to keep it new and fresh, WordPress, but I’ll just stick with the old fashioned “bland” way of posting to my blog.

blogging format


2 thoughts on “The New WordPress Posting Format

  1. Same here. At least they aren’t forcing us to use it … yet! But as with most things, I’m sure they’ll pull the plug on the “old” format eventually.

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